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To ensure that the project moves in the right direction, we will schedule assessment meetings at the onset with clients in the aim that the right brief is being taken. This is also to allow both the clients and our company are aware of the range of design possibilities within the parameters of clients resources and desired concept.

Schematic Design

With the client’s final decision on a specific premise and the official commissioning, follow on meetings with clients will proceed immediately. Via these subsequent discussions, the client can express in greater details on the design layout of the premises. Client’s comments on the previous design outline will further enable our professional designers to grasp client’s design direction more accurately.

Construction Documentation

Accurate working and elevation drawings will be provided to clients for approval. This will become the action plan and form the basis of project documentation which also serves as a record of exact measurement for built-in fixtures for clients, builders and designers.

Maintenance Services

All clients will enjoy a service of quality warranty, depending on the nature and complexity of the project. To see to client’s satisfaction is achieved in the project, we will discuss with every customer at the contract phase on the purview and extent of the maintenance services.

Flexibility & Responsibility

It is common that certain readymade hardware may not meet individuals’ tastes and requirements. With customers’ satisfaction set as the topmost priority, we will provide tailor made, customized hardware in response to clients’ needs. Being aware of the importance of sourcing flexibility, we have set up a joint venture in China to support this end. We deploying the creative advantage in Hong Kong, will be able to provide customers a quick turnaround in design layout, color scheme and material used for customized items. Your ideal hardware or fixtures will quickly be transformed from concept to reality to help your daily operation.